Forensic Medicine Associates offers independent consulting and advisory services to the legal profession, courts, coroners, law enforcement organisations, the general public and academia.

Built on decades of practical high level expertise, we are able to provide you with a timely, independent, fair and comprehensive forensic medicine and pathology solution. Our team has provided services across Australasia, the Pacific region and South East Asia for over 25 years, with involvement in numerous death investigations both as primary investigator and as provider of back-up investigations and second opinions, investigation of the nature and consequences of injuries, the effects of a variety of licit and illicit drugs and poisons, and the investigation of natural disease processes.

We have presented expert evidence in numerous courts and tribunals including various High Courts, Supreme Courts, Local Courts, Coroners Courts and a variety of tribunals, both as expert witness undergoing cross examination and as expert witness giving concurrent “Hot tub” evidence.

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